About Stanimal


I am a personal trainer, a visual artist and a musician. Currently my home is in Glen Ellyn, Illinois just outside Chicago.

I started my fascination with training around 1966 when I first saw the muscle mags and Ring magazine and martial arts magazines. I promptly went to the library and checked out all the books I could get on calisthenics (that’s what they were called then). Two years later I bought a 110 lb. weight set for my birthday and I was off. Learning and training. Had my last Dr. Pepper at age 21, man I loved Dr. Pepper. Water now…

Trained clients in New York and Chicago for many years. ACE and NASM certifications for personal trainer and performance enhancement.

This blog is to help you think and learn about your own fitness and nutrition goals.


2 thoughts on “About Stanimal

  1. Hey stanimal, thanks for the comment on my site. I’m loving bodyweight workouts. They’re simple, don’t require a lot of equipment and I can do them when I’m traveling too. I’ve found out the hard way that even though they look simple, it’s a really good workout.

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