Got to the track again

Felt good today if a little rusty. But got some work done. The track felt really nice under my feet. Next day I am always sore in the hamstrings and glutes. Even feeling abs up by my ribcage. I am doing almost more warmup than I am sprinting during one of these sessions.

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LeBron needs a new trainer

Seriously LeBron is heading back to Cleveland. I love it. I feel like he is grown up and is doing this for all the right reasons. I grew to despise him and the Heat for the way that whole saga played out. I am a Bulls fan and a basketball fan. This makes the NBA […]

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Sugar Still Evil

Sugar is the culprit in the obesity epidemic in the U.S. according to a new book by Dr Robert Lustig entitled Fat Chance: The Bitter Truth About Sugar. Here is an article discussing sugar, the food industry, our Government and even some interesting info about beef. The link to the full article is here.

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